Hydrophobicity & Water-shedding

Gentoo is a durable hydrophobic multi-functional surface treatment system that has shown exceptional ability to shed water and other fluids such as jet fuel, transmission fluid, and deicing fluid. Our coating has led to a significant improvement in both the delay and lower rate of corrosion, including in test cases where Gentoo was applied over qualified (MIL) paint and plating for the United States Military. This reduction in corrosion will directly translate into cost savings through decreased maintenance of certain equipment such as landing gear components and reduced rejection of corroded parts.

The hydrophobic properties of Gentoo are shown in the table below. The treatment exhibits contact angles of >110° and an average watershed angle of ~3–11°, depending on water drop size. Gentoo leaves little to no trail of water, whereas all uncoated substrates leave a significant trail. Gentoo does not affect the transparency of the substrate, exhibiting negligible haze and retention of 100% clarity.

MaterialContact AngleWatershedding (120 µl)Watershedding (50 µl)
Polyurethane (MIL PRF 85285)95°15°30°