In the following statements, “Gentoo” alone refers to Gentoo Part A combined with Gentoo Part B (in equal parts by weight, per the instructions and technical data sheet). Gentoo Part A and Gentoo Part B are filled by weight, not by volume.

The following coverage estimates assume no waste: one gallon (3.8 L) of Gentoo covers approximately 665 ft² (61.8 m²). A complete “quart kit” contains 61 fl oz (1.8 L): this covers 316 ft² (29.4 m²). A complete “5-gal set” contains 9.5 gal (36 L): this covers 6,330 ft² (588 m²).

There are different ways to apply Gentoo. Depending on which method is chosen, your coverage and waste may vary. Collecting, re-using (and re-filtering) will help achieve maximum coverage and reduce waste.