Longevity of the Gentoo coating will vary based on environmental factors, abrasion, chemical contact, etc.

The performance of Gentoo is dependent on the quality of the application of the Gentoo to the surface or substrate (particularly the quality of the adhesion of the Gentoo), the desired performance results (whether it is an easy-cleaning application or an anti-corrosion application), and, if outdoors, the presence of UV stabilizer in the substrate.

For indoor applications (whether it is for corrosion protection or easy-cleaning), Gentoo could last for years before reapplication.

For outdoor applications requiring corrosion protection, Gentoo should last for two or more years without reapplication.

Longevity of outdoor easy-cleaning applications will depend on many factors. After outdoor exposure, it has been observed that the sliding angle of liquids will increase over time, but the coating can still be effective. If the substrate being coated with Gentoo contains a UV inhibitor, the Gentoo could last several years without reapplication, but if the substrate does not contain a UV inhibitor, the Gentoo may only last one or two months, depending on the UV intensity and the abrasion present in the environment of the coating.  Testing Gentoo in your specific application is required to determine if it meets the requirements of the application.