Gentoo hydrophobic coating is very durable, so removing it can be difficult. In some cases, Gentoo can be removed using abrasive materials such as heavy-duty Scotch Brite™ (which contains aluminum oxide), sandpaper, or blasting.  Pressure washing may also remove Gentoo, under certain circumstances.  Another method is to use a high pH/solvent mixture, as described below.

For small items, including glassware and lab tools, a chemical solution of 100% pure potassium hydroxide with 99% isopropyl alcohol may also be used. A recommended ratio is 1 lb (0.45 kg) of potassium hydroxide to 2-3 gallons (7.5-11 liters) of isopropyl alcohol. Items can be soaked in this highly reactive solution for several days in order to begin to remove the coating.  A final wash with soap and water, and then water, is advised.

Note: These removal methods may damage the substrate and/or coating beneath the Gentoo coating. Appropriate safety precautions, including the use of proper personal protective equipment, must be taken when removing Gentoo from a surface.