Corrosion Protection for a Wide Range of Applications

Corrosion is not just an aesthetic concern; it’s also a functional one. It silently eats away at the integrity of equipment and components, compromising their performance and shortening their lifespan. For those on the front lines, like equipment operators and maintenance teams, the detrimental effects of corrosion are a daily challenge.

Corrosion’s reach is vast, affecting everything from construction equipment to essential infrastructure. Marine equipment that is constantly exposed to saltwater can weaken and compromise the safety of vessels and crew. Threaded parts on critical components can lose their efficacy, causing catastrophic failure. Dissimilar metals, when in contact with one another, can experience accelerated corrosion, leading to unexpected structural or equipment failures. Even everyday things like street signs aren’t immune, with corrosion making them unreadable over time.

Gentoo steps in as a formidable barrier against rust and corrosion. Instead of merely reacting to corrosion, it acts preemptively, forming a protective layer that keeps moisture, salts, and other corrosive agents at bay. This ensures that everything from heavy machinery to the smallest threaded part remains in optimal condition.

Gentoo is backed by rigorous testing and real-world results that translate into operational efficiencies and extended lifespans for machinery, equipment, and all matter of substrates protected by this next-gen hydrophobic and oleophobic coating. Gentoo is clear, too, so it won’t alter equipment paint or branding, and can even be used on glass.

The versatility of Gentoo is evident in its range of applications. Beyond heavy equipment and industrial machinery, it offers protection to other commercial assets such as outdoor signage, metal storage containers, pipeline fittings, electrical enclosures, metal guardrails, light poles, and just about anything else prone to rust and corrosion.

Applying Gentoo is relatively simple. The first step is to make sure the surface is free from contaminants and thoroughly clean. Gentoo offers flexibility in its application, allowing for one of three techniques—dip coating, brushing, or spraying—based on the requirements and the type of equipment being coated. These methods aim for uniform coverage and strong bonding with the surface. Adhering to the application guidelines is crucial to maximize the coating’s potential and longevity. After application, Gentoo establishes a durable shield, providing solid defense against challenging conditions.